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      Hello. I manage the IT side of a small financial services company that is located in S. Florida. I have been thinking of a new solution for this problem:

      Since we live in S. Florida we typically deal with hurricanes, tho we were lucky this past season (knock on wood). Prior to the last hurricane season, we had a few hurricanes that resulted in our shutting down our office for at least one week. As a result of that, we have users who are not able to access the network to print contracts, access accounting information, etc. To try and give those users who cannot get into the office the ability to access documents on our network, we started replicating our network resources to a dedicated web server. Then, using QuiXplorer we can then have users who are out of the office access documents they would typically retrieve from the network server.

      The downside to QuiXplorer is that the security is not as functional as Active Directory (Win Server 2003 in our office and Linux on our Web Server). Further, QuiXplorer has a tendency to not like uploads of files that are not small.

      Also, we have a pretty sophisticated IT Manual, Disaster Preparedness/Recovery and other "manuals" that are kept in MS Word. I'd really like to publish them to allow easy access for users as well as authors and have the ability to restrict users to certain portions of our IT manuals (such as how to change administrator network pw).

      Would JBoss be able to provide a solution to one or both of these issues? I am continuing to browse this site myself. Our web vendor who set us up with QuiXplorer pointed me in this direction.

      Thanks in advance!

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          It sounds like what you want is a CRM server. Several of these run on top of JBoss.

          If the CRM server does not support active directory, you can layer the J2EE security model over your active directory. Assuming the CRM server uses J2EE security, it might work.