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    Two basic questions from a new potential user

    Jared Newbie

      Hello all,

      I really appreciate the time you are taking to look into this. Thanks in advance.

      Question 1: J2EE Question
      I want to implement EJB3 using JBoss on a Solaris server for JSP, Servlets, and Web Services. Is it possible to implement a persistent/transactional model with using enterprise beans and session / message beans and still keep a library that can be used on a disconnected client application? Currently we use our library to manage a list of people for example in our client/server model as well as a single standing swing application. Can I continue to use that library in both client and server?

      Question 2: JBoss Deployment Question
      We currently use Tomcat for our web application. The problem is that we cannot deploy without people losing their sessions. We pretty much have people in our system 24/7 so that poses a problem. Can JBoss support deployment of new web applications without the current users losing their sessions?

      Thanks in advance to everyone that can help me out.


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          Elias Ross Master

          1. http://labs.jboss.com/portal/jbossejb3 - JBoss supports standalone EJB3 access, useful for unit tests, remote clients, etc.

          2. I'm not an authority on this particular use case, but from what I know, session persistence is clusterable. You can use JBossCache to store both to local disk and also on remote hosts.


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            Jared Newbie

            Thanks genman, your help is greatly appreciated.

            Answer to question 1 is great. I have actually picked up this book now. I think it will be a great resource to getting JBoss implemented for our application.

            Regarding your answer to my second question, I am actually more concerned about deploying my app.war file. Tomcat supports hot deploy, but when that happens I lose my sessions with the client. I am trying to determine if JBoss allows me to deploy my app.war without the current users who have established sessions with my old app.war losing their session and being booted to the log in screen as if they have not been authenticated. Currently we have an authentication test on each page that validates that a user has been authenticated. This is stored in a session.

            Any ideas anyone?