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    Email Function Error when running Jboss web applicaiton with

    Frank chen Newbie


      I have a Java web applicaiton running on jboss
      applicaiton server in linux environment.
      I also run James for mail server.
      The web application has an email function.
      When I run it, it got the following error:
      MAIL FROM:<support@myapplicaitonDomain.com>
      250 ok
      RCPT TO:<myfirstname_lastname@yahoo.com>
      553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed
      rcpthosts (#5.7.1)
      DEBUG SMTP: Invalid Addresses
      DEBUG SMTP: myfirstname_lastname@yahoo.com
      DEBUG SMTP: Sending failed because of invalid
      destination addresses

      In addition,
      1. In the same environment, I run a stand alone Java
      email application with James (i.e. without JBOSS), the
      email function works fine.
      2. In my local machine (Windows XP), I run the same
      JBoss web application with James, the email function
      works fine.
      3. I am using james v 2.2.0, jboss 4.0.2.
      4. myfirstname_lastname@yahoo.com is my real yahoo
      email account.

      Do I need configure jboss and/or james somewhere to
      solve the problem?
      Or I maybe miss something else.

      Any advices are really appreciated!