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    JBOSS does not respond!!!!!

    Shardul Bhatt Newbie


      I am developing an application using Java, Spring, Struts 2 and Hibernate.

      I have deployed it in JBoss 4.0.2

      I have configured a class which extends the javax.servlet.ServletContextListener and it starts a thread when the server starts. The thread initialises a small application(say App1) which creates a socket connection with another application(say App2) running on the same machine but outside JBoss. App1 is initialised properly and it also makes the socket connection with App2 and the applications(App1 <--> App2) start polling. So basically App1 and App2 establish their own session. App1 now waits for user input. The user input is given from the Main Web Application (say App3) which contains App2.

      Now when I try to access the Login Page of App3 which is the web application and App2 is a part of App3 the login page does not show. There is no error trace on the JBoss console or in the browser.

      Can someone please tell me what could be the problem? Am I trying to do something fundamentally wrong?

      Thanks in advance.

      Best Regards,