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    linking configuration files to applications

    Giovanni Mesturini Newbie


      Appserver: JBOSS 4.0.5 GA (but i can change for a latest if things I need aren't available in this version).

      - settings.properties

      - settings.properties

      application-a and application-b must be installed on the same application server. they have their own configuration directories containing configuration files: directories have different name, while files have the same name. I need to separate the loader of each application to point them on the right configuration files. I've tried to use SAR, but it seems to load the same configuration file for each application (maybe the last loaded file).

      Files cannot be archived in a JAR in order to let customers to change them without recompile or repacking. To be more clear in explanation, what I would like to do is something like the shared-library mechanism of IBM WebSphere, where you can link a shared-library to an application, being sure that files contained will be visible only to the attached application.

      Any suggestion?
      Thank you very much