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    How can I change log4j levels dynamically? (not using jmx-co

    Brandon Barlow Newbie

      In our legacy J2SE environment, our application's JVM served up a very basic webpage that allowed us to dynamically alter the log4j Logger levels at runtime, without editing any log4j configuration files. The webpage was simply a form that listed all of the Loggers in the JVM in a hierarchical tree view (very much like how Chainsaw displays them), with comboboxes containing the available Levels for each Logger. The user could then choose new Levels for any or all loggers and submit the form. The server parsed the form arguments and made Logger.setLoggerLevel() calls appropriately.

      This type functionality is extremely useful to my team, as we often have less technically skilled team members sitting at the system, trying to debug problems while consulting with the engineering team over the phone. It's much easier to ask someone to work with the tree view than to work with either the JBoss web console, the Sun JConsole, or via editing the log4j.xml file.

      Is there some industry standard or open source tool that does what we're looking for, or is editing the log4j.xml file (or using the web console) really the standard, preferred approach to dynamically altering Logger levels? If not, what do you think the best approach for adding this functionality to the JBoss environment would be?