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    finding images

    Ellliot Miller Newbie

      I have a J2EE application that I want to deploy that has a large number of images, too many to fit in the war file. I do not want to put these images in the deploy directory of JBoss because it will try to auto-deploy all the images. I would like to put the directory of images a couple levels up in the directory tree, say in base jboss directory so that I do not have to have a copy of the images folder for every instance of jboss that I have a configuration for. For some reason though, anywhere I put the images outside of the war file they are not able to be found. How can I configure JBoss to look outside of the war file for these images? In my J2EE application I specified the directory where the images are located as a full path, but when I go to the application in a browser, the images aren't there, the source code for the page lists the correct path, but if I look at the properties of the missing image it says it is looking in http://localhost/tpcw/Images instead of the /home/eamiller/jboss/Images/ directory. Any ideas how I can fix this?