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    jboss/hibernate and "No ManagedConnections available within

    Matthew Wheeler Newbie

      Hi all, I have been given the task of maintaining an app built on hibernate and jboss and I am having some issues with connection pooling.

      There is an existing process which clones sections from the database and recurses down through subsections to create this clone. It works fine when there are small numbers of subsections to clone however I get the above error when it's a more substantial size.

      Checking the database it looks like for each object update it is triggering a new connection to postgresql even though they are all using the same session object in the code.

      I am having serious trouble tracking down where I should be looking for these bugs, is it normal behaviour for the same session object in code to trigger new database connections or is something going screwy here?

      any guidance of things to try to debug this would be greatly appreciated.


      -- Matt