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    Stateless session bean locking policy for jboss 3.2.3

    Hasif Tarinan Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am new in jboss and I have 3 questions.

      1) Can I set locking policy for stateless session bean in standardjboss.xml, because in the standardjboss.xml it doesn't state the locking policy for stateless session bean, and if available, what type of locking policies are available for 3.2.3

      2) Currently, I'm using Oracle as the persistence storage, if I set the locking policy, does it overwrite the locking mechanism in Oracle?

      3) In ejb-jar.xml, I declared the bean using CMT, and specified one of the method using NotSupported attribute. I am not sure whether it will involved in locking mechanism. My concern is to have user access the application concurrently.

      Any helps are highly appreciated. Thanks.