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    TimerTask schedule question

    SKS Vip Newbie

      i have a question about the possibility to schedule a TimerTask from an Session bean.
      I have to control remotely the level of service of some server and my idea is to make an Session bean with two businness method, one for start and one for stop the control.
      The control is done by a thread istantiated by the session bean and scheduled with a timer task.

      I would to know if is possible to create an thread like this (with a java program is ok, but i have to insert this check in a bigger contest and i'd like to use j2ee).
      I don't know if, when the bean is ended, the associated thread is killed too or if this behaviour can cause some problem in a j2ee server.

      If someone has other ideas i'll be very gratefull.

      Thanks in advance.
      Andrea Consiglio