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    JBoss AS 4.0.5 GA and JDK 5_06, JDK 5_11 or JDK 6

    keruke Newbie


      When i have readed the documentation obout JBoss AS 4.0.5 GA, the requirements say:

      1. JDK 5 (v1.5.0_06 recommended)
      2. Ant (v1.6.5 recommended)
      3. JBoss Application Server v4.0.5GA [with ejb3]

      I must run the application server under JDK 5 v1.5.0_06, but can i develop my proyects in other version?, for example if my AS use JDK 5_06, can i develop my application under JDK 5_11 or JDK 6???

      Must i develop my application with the same version that my application server is running?