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    cvs eclipse   I can-not get cvs TO WORK

    dreu zel Novice

      i had two individual cases of partual upload in the last two weeks.

      i did setup eclipse CVS )otherwise perfectly connecting firewall
      allowing internal initiated access to return for all tcp-ip ports, no changes to the firewall since(partualy transfer (10 files( means the firewall is ok ??!!!

      i setup host:anoncvs.forge.jboss.com
      path: /cvsroot/jboss
      user: anonymous
      password nothing
      connection type pserver
      port 2401

      and get a permanent connection timeout

      am i doing something wrong, as it seemed to work (few seconds)
      ot went rather fast but it breaks up in a blink and i do not get to synchronise anything

      need help please