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    How to handle properties in EJB

    Joernpeter Pook Newbie

      I'm newbie to J2EE and JBoss and I would like to use properties in EJBs, that can be changed inside them and should be stored somewhere. Probably, I could use a database for storage, but I'm not sure to do this, because that would mean that I have to deliver the application with existing database tables.

      So I would like to know :

      1. Is there any possibility to access Property-Files ?
      2. Is it possible to store this data with JNDI ? Is this also possible without setting them in initially in java code (something like jndi.properties) ? (I think, I would not prefer to set this in the ejb-jar.xml file , because the values should be modifiable from within the EJBs).

      Many thanks !