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    How do i deploy servlet using JBoss4.2.0.GA, pls help ???

    B M Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have written a test servlet and now i am trying to deploy it on the JBoss server. how do i do it, can anybody pls tell me the steps ? i tried to google it but its making me more confused and the thing is not working.

      i also have to deploy the descriptor web.xml.

      i am using the JBoss version JBoss-4.2.0.GA.

      moreover i have set the following env variables viz. JAVA_HOME, JBOSS_HOME, CLASSPATH and when i run the run.bat file it does not throw any errors but again i guess the server is not listening coz the port 8080 is not opened on my machine.

      Also when i run shutdown.bat it says path is not specified.

      Thanks for your help.