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    JBoss inaccessible from an adjacent workstation, why?

    Tonya Newbie

      I am very new to administration of JBoss.

      I have set up my first instance locally on my Windows XP box.

      I have launched the "-c all" version (and also the default) and in spite of a version warning for UDP, everything starts fine. I have also launched Axis2 as a servlet, and deployed a webservice - all of which seem to be working if accessed locally.

      Now that I have asked a co-worker to test the service from HIS machine (which is in the same LAN, just next door)... he times out. He can't even get to the "Welcome to JBoss" page, let alone run my service.

      The network admin claims there are no firewalls set up to block his computer from accessing mine.

      I also went into the security settings and opened up port 8080.

      Still no help.

      Can somebody direct me to some literature that will help me adjust JBoss to accept requests from other computers.