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    Busy Icon on my page



      I have my project coming up with richfaces component. But I have noticed a behavious with my pages.
      Whenever my page contains a Rich Tabbed Panel component, the mouse shows its busy state icon as though a background process is working. I am really worried about this because I have no explanation (to the rest of my team members and to management) concerning this and why and how to get it solved.

      Can you help me please.


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          Please post versions of richfaces and other libs and a minimal code snippet where you get such behavior.

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            the version being used is richfaces 3.1.0.

            secondly, I notice at time when the users load the page for the first time, the rendering of faces component is partial resulting in a not fully loaded page.

            please provide me with some solutions or workaround to this issue of if an upgrade will solve the problem.

            Thanks so far.


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              Hmm...upgrade to the newest GA is always worth to try. What server do you use? Are there any strange things on the console? And: Use <a4j:log> to look for the reason for the behavior you notice.

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                I am using tomcat and about the migrate to glassfish. I am just beginning to nurse a feeling (after downloading version 3.1.1 and using it) that richfaces might not be very mature enough to go into large application like the one I am working on. (I stand to be corrected).

                We are just framing up our architecture and are already having real issues with richfaces.


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                  As far as my experience goes (we are working with richfaces a couple of month) the most of the errors and bad behavior results from other things than bugs of richfaces. And if something really "smells" like a bug, you will see that the richfaces people react very fast and you can update your version with the bugfix one or two weeks later.

                  This is why it's very important that you post as much information about your problem as you can. Than I (or others) can create a test setting to reproduce your problem. As far as now I can only say: I'm working with the newest richfaces and tomcat and I'm using many tabbed panels and have no problems with that.