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    JBoss issue

    Akhil Gupta Newbie

      Dear All,

      We are using Jboss 4.0.4 for our J2EE application and we are facing a very strange issue only when working inside company network (means while working from internet, application runs fine). Our application architecture includes Struts in web, Spring & EJB in business and Hibernate in persistence tier.

      In our application, home page is a login page which is a jsp. When we deploy this application on Jboss, this home page is rendered with no issue. However, when we enter valid username and password and click on login page, it gives null exception.

      At first, we thought it to be an application problem. So, we put few System.out.println with dummy messages. After deployment this time, application started working. We had made no code change except adding SOPs. Just to confirm what we had done, we again restarted the server and deployed the application (code with SOP), this time application didn?t work and we got null exception again. Surprisingly, we didn?t see any SOP message on console.

      Then, we changed the logging level of JBoss server console from INFO to DEBUG to check server messages. This time application again worked.

      Then, we restarted JBoss server and deployed application again. Unfortunately, application didn?t work.

      This is a very strange behaviour. Please provide your inputs.