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    JBoss (Tomcat) blocks connections

    Sven Friedrichs Newbie


      I'm just working on AJAX and made a little test-project for myself. The project contains three servlets.

      First Servlet contains just the JavaScript to create HttpRequests and write the response into a div-container.
      Second Servlet contains the text which is the response of the HttpRequest.
      Third Servlet contains a Textfield and a Button to change the text on second servlet.

      Everything works fine but when I opened a few browser windows to test the performance i realized that my tomcat doesn't allow more than eight browser windows. I implemented a System.out.println at the beginning of the doGet-method of first servlet. The result is that I could see that my tomcat isn't able to call the doGet-method of the ninth browser window. But the config allows 250 threads, i think. So, what could be wrong? Any ideas?