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    suggestions on adding private messaging to existing applicat

    Raymond Bleach Newbie

      We have an existing web app running on JBoss which allows users to logon and view data.
      We now want to roll out a component which allows users to send messages to us. However some of the data that would be included in the message would be confidential so email won't work. What would be perfect is the private message feature built into most forums.
      We don't want to re-invent the wheel so we are trying to find out if there is an open source module we can re-use.
      Ideally, the solution would consist of a DB design and an API for placing and retrieving messages. To maintain consistent look and feel we want to have complete control over the UI.
      The current app is JSP / Struts on JBoss 4.05
      None of us have experience other than Java so PHP etc are going to be non-starters.
      Can anyone provide some pointers on existing code we can use, or even a design pattern we could use to shortcut the development.