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    JBoss vs Tomcat

    Danny Lin Newbie

      I have been a Tomcat user and currently using Tomcat 6.0. I am working with a client who is using JBoss. I am TOTALLY NEW to JBoss world, and always thought JBoss to be another flavor of AS, such as, WebLogic, Websphere, or Tomcat.

      I just downloaded JBoss 4.2.0.GA and browse through several documents. I came to see a discussion about integrating Tomcat with JBoss. Why do I need to do that? Doesn't JBoss have its own JSP/Servlet container? What's in JBoss and what's not?


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          Peter Johnson Master

          1) I don't think that there is any documentation available that is specific to 4.2.0. If you are trying to understand JBoss AS by reading documentation, stick to 4.0.5. (Others have already complaint about this lack of documentation.)

          2) 4.0.5 comes with Tomcat 5.5 embedded. 4.2 uses the newer JBoss Web Server (sort of Tomcat 6 plus support for the Apache Portable Runtime). So yes, JBoss AS does have its own servlet container.