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    RAD 7.0 --> Jboss ide for eclipse

    Hans Hedung Newbie

      Im new to javadevelopment and I have some questions regarding the available tools in the jboss IDE developer enviroment.

      The other week I worked with RAD 7.0 and built a couple of sample jsf applications. Since i dont have a access to an websphere server i want to change to jboss instead.

      However, there are a number of useful tools in the RAD 7.0 which im wondering if the can be retrieved for the jboss version.

      The webperspective
      when working on the jsf projects I found the webperspective to be very straightforward and simple to work with when building up my site. Is there a similar tool in the jboss version, if thats the case, what should I downlaod?

      I have downloaded JBoss Eclipse IDE 1.5 and updated accoridng to :
      so I have all the latest versions.

      But...jsf is not included in the release:

      do I simply have to follow this guide
      to be able to choose the jsf option in a new dynamic web project or are there any additional things I need to do?