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    implement a store and forward mechanism in jboss (from one d

    Mark Meyer Newbie

      hello everyone,

      i am just starting to use jboss in the workplace. until now - i have only done "academic" projects.

      subject: implment a store and forward mechanism with jboss
      environment: jboss 4.2.1 on linux suse 10.1 with mysql

      we have a legacy socket listener that accepts connections, reads a stream and then uses straight-up JDBC to push records in to a "local" mysql database. i will refer to this instance of the database and jboss app server as JBOSS-A

      how would i implement a process in jboss to periodically, "wake up" - on another remote server (i'll call this instance JBOSS-B), and fetch records from JBOSS-B?

      note 1: some "translation needs to be done" on the records before they are forwarded to JBOSS-B.

      note 2: we would prefer to not do this process outside of the database.

      can someone point me to dox, examples or make suggestions?

      thx for any help or suggestions.