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    What's the difference between jboss4.2 and jboss5.0?

    xuyanning Newbie

      I am researching the difference between jboss4.2 and jboss5.0, but I can't find the help document in website of jboss orgnizetion. I want to get the difference at every founction module which between jboss4.2 and jboss5.0. For exemple: jboss JTA?jboss5.0 is manage transction in cache and don't support restore transction's catastrophe, while jboss4.2 have a strong ability and support restore transction's catastrophe. I want to get the others difference include JMS, JSF, JAAS, JNDI, JSP and Servlet.
      I want to get the answer form source code but I am begin with jboss and don't familiar with it. Who can tell me how to study the source code and the answer between jboss4.2 and jboss5.0?
      Any help is greatly appreciated, I have been struggling with this for a while.