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    JBoss Integration with Predeveloped Java NIO Sockets Client/

    Tom Wallick Newbie

      Here is a message from one of my colleagues at work:

      This question keeps appearing and keeps getting worked around, but I think this time we?re not going to be able to avoid it:

      TomW is going to be implementing an ITransport that uses sockets directly. It will listen on a port to receive files, and will bind directly to a port to send files.

      The catch is, it is going to have to communicate with components that are running inside JBoss.

      We can?t pull all of the components into JBoss so everything is running in the same VM ? not unless Tom writes his component as a JBoss service.

      Considering the goal here is to squeeze out as much performance as we can, we probably don?t want to have inter-JVM communication happening via SOAP? I?m not sure whether EJBs make sense, either. But this is something we have to solve before we go too far into implementing something we don?t know how to integrate.

      Thoughts? Miracles?