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    Recommended development process for deployment on remote JBO

    Ted Stevens Newbie


      I would appreciate suggestions on how to configure my testing, building, and deployment environment for Enterprise Applications. In other words what is the recommended way to deploy a WAR or EAR to a remote JBOSS server? I have looked but could not find any mention about doing this in the Eclipse IDE doc, Maven doc, or other books. They all stop right after compiling a local program, and then start up again on multi team member projects.

      I understand you would start out with a testing JBOSS AS on your local computer so Eclipse/NetBeans/MAVEN can deploy to it while you are creating the application.

      I also understand you can copy the created WAR/EAR to the JBOSS deploy directory on the remote server. However, once it is deployed the first time and you need to modify it, how do I edit & deploy to the production servers as painlessly as possible again & again. One of my goals is to have a large CMS database, so I will not be able to house it on my machine.

      The only thing I could come up with is possibly using a Maven FTP plug-in and using the JBOSS web-console to stop the server when I deploy and then start it back up again. However, I thought I would ask in case there was an "obvious" solution I did not come across.

      I appreciate any help with this, and I am looking for pointers so I know what modules or software to read up on further.

      Thank you for your help!