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    Single Session for Same IP?

    mustafa ozorhan Newbie


      I've just started development with JBoss, I'm having the following issue:

      I'm logging in to my application with different users from the same machine (from different browser windows), and from all the windows I can access only to the last logged in users (that is I get only one session).

      The session management works when I logon to my application from different machines (with different IP addresses).

      So I believe that this is might be issue with JBoss assigning a single session to the users coming from one IP.

      Is there a setting about this we can enable/disable?


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          Peter Johnson Master

          Multiple browser windows do not equate to multiple sessions - there is only one (as you found out). If you want multiple sessions, you need to run multiple browsers. For example, I always start with Firefox. If I need a second session (happens occasionally), I fire up Internet Explorer. If I ever need a third or fourth session, I would have to run Opera.

          (Though your post got me to wondering if there is a way to configure a browser to run a unique session in each window. There might be a way because I know that tools such a JMeter can run multiple sessions.)

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            mustafa ozorhan Newbie

            Hi Peter,

            Are you sure that multiple windows don't mean multiple sessions? I'm currently using several other web applications that can run different users in different windows.

            The issue I'm worried about is if the problem is related to the IP of the machine, my application will simply collapse when users of a network obtaining their internet connection via a single IP connect to my application.

            So to make sure I'll do the following tests:
            - As you've said I'll open up different browsers (Firefox, Konqueror in my case) and see if the session is shared
            - I'll connect to the application via 2 machines using the same external IP and see what happens

            I'll keep posting the results.

            Meanwhile, are there anyone else experiencing these kinds of issues?