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    What goes where ? packaging and deployment question

    Jacek Zebrowski Newbie

      OK so im beginning my adventure with JBoss Seam - i have 2+ J2SE learning experience and 2yrs+ exp developing PHP apps.

      First and foremost - thanks JBoss team for a great Seam Documentation - it answered not all-but some of my questions where others didnt even scratch the surface !

      Root of my problem is :

      Im having big time trouble with understanding project file structure.

      - what comprises for a ear file (my guess is - jars)
      - what should be the structure of webapp and ejb module inside ear ? (where i should put sources and where to put compiled stuff ?

      - what exactly happens when JBOSS AS deploys ear files ? wich files go where ?
      - how can i remove app thats partially deployed and moving ear to undeploy/ dosent work ?

      if anyone could help me or point me to a specific articles - ill' be much obliged :)