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    Spational Reasoning

    Lamine Kanns Newbie

      hi people,

      I'd like to write a program in Java that can uses rules for spational reasoning.

      I'd like to analyse the realtion between two geomeotrie-objects. For this I use predicates like union, contains, intersects etc.

      For details see this link:

      I want to create an rectangle and I will get a coordinate from my sql-data base and some coordinates are in my rectangle and some are not in my rectangle. So I'd like to detect if the coordinate is in the domain of the rectangle or not.
      I'd like to do this with rules, like



      System.out.println("point is in the rectangle");

      Is there a way to achieve this with JBoss Rules
      or is there a way to combine JBoss Rules and the JTS library to achieve this?

      It would be very nice if someone could help me with this problem.

      cu Jeakomo