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    Ant task to compile Drools Rulebase

    jamie cormack Newbie

      Having problems writing a custom ant task to compile and serialize our Rule Base.

      Issue is with setting the classpath for the custom ant task.
      The basic taskdef looks like this.....

      '<'taskdef name="preCompileRules"
      classname="com.xxxxx.xxxxx.rules.ant.SerializeRules" classpath="${rulecompile.sys.classpath}">

      All the required jar files are within the ${rulecompile.sys.classpath} but this task will fail on cannot resolve imports.....e.g. org.drools.spi.KnowledgeHelper

      If I dump all the required jar in the ant/lib library the task runs ok. This makes me think that the isue is down to setting up the appropriate classpaths for my custom ant task (I'm not well versed in ant, but haven't seen anything on this within the ant docs).

      Any help would be much appreciated

      Thanks in advance