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    A4j Polling and Reverse Proxy

    Farid NASSOU Newbie


      I'm working on an thin client application based on Java/JSF/Ajax4jsf.

      This application is kind of 'real-time', so i use to send a periodical XmlHttpRequest (trough a a4j:poll tag) to check the state of some indicators to refresh some elements on the main JSP page.

      This application will be accessed from a portal. The users log themselves in on this portal and then, a reverse-proxy maintain the user's session as long as he is active. This is done with a cookie.

      Every time the user send a Http Request, the cookie is initialized. If no request is sent during 20 mins, the session is no longer maintained by the reverse-proxy and the cookie is deleted.

      I'm facing a problem because my application send a Http Request (XmlHttpRequest trough the a4j:poll) every second, so the user's session will never times out.

      Is there a way to implement polling on a different port than the HTTP Port (80) or by bypassing XmlHttpRequest at all? In this way, the reverse-proxy will not be aware of the polling.

      I hope my explanation is understandable.

      Any advice should be helpful.

      Thanks by advance.