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    Deployment out of deploy folder

    Jasmine Selvaraj Newbie


      I am familiar with weblogic rather than Jboss. I want to change the deployment directory from server/default/deploy to the new the directory out of the JBoss installation directory (C:\Application\*.war). Is it possible to do it? In weblogic we can put the deployable units anywhere and just point it for deployment. Is is possible to do the samething in JBoss? Please clarify this.


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          jaikiran pai Master

          Yes, its possible. Add the following in the jboss-service.xml present in the %JBOSS_HOME%/server/default/conf folder:

          <attribute name="URLs">
          deploy/, file:///C:/Application/

          This jboss-service.xml file will already be containing the entry for the deploy/ folder (which is relative to the server home directory). All you have to do is add an entry for the folder containing your applications. When JBoss starts, its also going to look into C:/Application folder (or whatever path you specify in that configuration) to see if there are any deployable applications. If it finds any, its going to deploy them as it does with anything under the deploy folder.

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            Jasmine Selvaraj Newbie


            awesome!! Thanks for your quick help.