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    jboss 2.4 + netbeans 5.5

    peter pepo Newbie


      iam trying to install jboss 2.4 + netbeans 5.5
      tools - server manager - add server- but when i choose the installation location , doesn't activate the next button?? why??
      how can i solve this in order to install jboss??


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          jaikiran pai Master

          I personally dont have any idea about NetBeans. But do you really mean JBoss 2.4? The latest version of JBoss that is available is JBoss 4.2.1, why use such a old version of JBoss?

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            Roberto Soto Newbie

            The JBoss version 4.2.1 is for the Application Server (AS) and version 2.4 stands for the JBoss Portal 2.4 which is correct since JBoss Portal 2.4 runs under JBoss Aplication Server 4.2.1. The latest version of JBoss portal is 2.6.

            I am having the same problem. I would like to develop portlets in my NetBeans 5.5 IDE nd there is an option in this IDE to register a JBoss Application Server. It is supposed that the download zip file contains both the JBoss portal and JBoss Aplication Server. Actually I can run the portal and everything goes fine, but in order to develop portlets I need to integrate this JBoss server into NetBeans 5.5. How can I register it into NetBeans. but when i point the 'browse' button to the installation directory of JBoss portal I got the same problems a mentioned in the post above;
            the 'next' button does not get enabled. Does nebeans search for a specific file extension?.