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    Distributed persistent application configuration in a cluste

    Oz Levanon Newbie

      I need to create a persistent configuration mechanism for a J2EE application I?m writing (i.e. dedicated configuration for my application, not the general jboss application). I couldn?t find a standard explanation for this anywhere.
      Currently what I do is create an MBean and handle its persistence using the file system. I can configure the application using JMX-console and since it?s persistent the data is kept between restarts.
      My problem, however, is that I want the data to be distributed throughout my cluster. I want to be able to update one node in the cluster and have the data replicated automatically to all the others.
      Is there any data repository which is automatically replicated across the cluster (I tried Java?s preferences but that didn?t work)?
      Alternatively, is there a standard way to create distributed application configuration in J2EE or Jboss?