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    menuItem problems

    hager hager Newbie

      I'm using richfaces 3.1.2 and jboss seam 1.2.1.
      I use the rich:menuItem tag.
      this my code:

       <rich:dropDownMenu submitMode="ajax" value="#{msgDropDownMenu.activite}">
       <rich:menuItem submitMode="ajax" icon="/img/application_side_expand.png">
       <s:link action="#{gestionaffichage.afficherMenuDonneesBase}" value="#{msgDropDownMenu.saisiePrevisionnel}" view="/PageactivitesByCollaborateurCrossData.xhtml">
       <f:param name="realise" value="false" />
       <f:param name="societeSocieteId" value="#{currentSociete.societeId}"/>
       <rich:menuItem submitMode="ajax" icon="/img/application_side_contract.png">
       <s:link action="#{gestionaffichage.afficherMenuDonneesBase}" value="#{msgDropDownMenu.saisieEffectif}" view="/PageactivitesByCollaborateurCrossData.xhtml">
       <f:param name="realise" value="true" />
       <f:param name="societeSocieteId" value="#{currentSociete.societeId}"/>

      when i click on the first link, the variabke "realise" has a false value.
      when i click on the second link, the variabke "realise" has a false value,( but it must have true value).when i reclick on the second link the value of "realise" is true.
      I always have this bug in my application!
      How can I correct it, i found a similar topic as mine, but no response posted !
      thx for help