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    Deploying results in NoClassDefFoundError's

    Peter Teunissen Newbie

      Hi all,

      I did a new install:
      - RedHat 4 enterprise
      - Jboss Portal 2.4.1
      - Java 1.5

      On this server I deployed Pentaho 1.2.1-625-GA using an ear file.

      The jboss portal works just fine, and there is a tab for Pentaho. But when the tab is clicked, the page renders with errors. The side menu renders just fine, but I get log entries with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError for every 'window' that's supposed to render on the page.

      For example, in the default home page I get error lines in the log for the 'default.Pentaho.PentahoIntroWindow' as can be found in this file: http://webdisk.onemanifest.net/pentaho_log.txt The others I checked result in a similar error.

      While investigating this, I found that the requested classes are available in the deployed ear file. The deployed app seems to be OK. If I understand the log errors, then some classes in the .ear are found, and some not.

      I also found that the jboss portal gave me the following error when going to the app directly with I get a page like:

      Pentaho Initialization Exception

      The following errors were detected
      The system expected to be able to find environment settings, or the environment settings are invalid. These settings are commonly found in the web.xml. Please check the server console for more information on this error.
      Pentaho system directory not found
      The system failed to find or be able to read the pentaho.xml.

      Please see the server console for more details on each error detected.

      But this happened only after a reboot, when deploying a new ear file, I get 404's until I reboot. Simpy restarting jboss doesn't help.

      I looked at the web-console and jmx-console but don't really know what to look for. I do see 100 references to pentaho in the jmx-console.

      I'm new to jboss and am not getting any further while going through docs and googling. I'm thinking that this is probably a very noobish thing I'm overlooking. Could someone shed some light on this?

      If I should provide more specific info, please tell me so.