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    help! stuck with redhat developer studio beta 1 and ejb3 on

    William Woodman Master

      Bit of a long shot - cant find a topic for redhat developer beta feedback - logged in at redhat and registered and cant any fora other than the jboss ones in a lloop again.

      problem: i'm running jboss AS4.2 in the redhat developer download bundle.

      I create a seam project which sets up a project with an EAR 5.0 facet.

      fails immediately as it says ear 5 not supported on jbossAS 4.2 - despite this being the deployed AS it sets up with.

      eclipse suggests as quick fix to setup a new runtime - I am guessing it wants an jboss 5 server config.

      cant find any such adapter from eclipse with the dowanload new adapters.

      what the heck is one supposed to do here .

      does any one know who to get a jboss 5 server adapter? when i've tried using a jboss 4.2 adapter and point at jboss 5 install- the server fails to start


      any one got any good ideas how to proceed?