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    Problem with running an Application with JBoss

    Quadri Daud Newbie

      Hi everyone,
      I just started developing application using JBoss . I always use Sun Application Server to deploy and run my application but I also want to use JBoss Application Server to run my application. So I got the Jboss Start Guide to put me throught and I have also gotten all what i need to run it, but when I try to run the ant script which I will use to compile the source codes, I just start seeing some errors like :

      /root/Desktop/ghelp/j2eetutorial14/jbossj2ee-src/bank/jboss-build.xml:50: /root/Desktop/ghelp/j2eetutorial14/jbossj2ee-src/bank/-- FIXME: Point to JBoss 3.2.x installation/client not found.

      Hope someone can help out, I will be very glad to see this done.

      Thanks in advance.