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    No capability (e.g. no option to create portal, manage users

    Vinh Nguyen Newbie

      Problem: after login to JBoss portal (http://hostname:8080/portal) with user "admin", I am missing the following:

      - There is no content in the "Home" tab.
      - After clicking on the "admin" link in the upper right hand corner, I see "Home" and "Members" tabs. However, there is no content within these tabs. I was expecting a button to allow me to create a portal, pages within a portal, windows within a page, etc..
      - The scenario applies to other tabs as well (i.e. I see the tab but no data).

      Here is my setup:
      - jboss-4.2.1.GA for my application server.
      - Downloaded and built jboss-portal-2.6.2.GA-src from source for my JBoss portal.
      - O/S: RedHat
      - JDK: 1.5.0_13
      - Database: Postgres version 8.2.

      I do see more than 2 dozens jbp* tables within my Postgres database and the tables have data.