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    permanent SessionBean

    Sascha Effert Newbie


      I have following Problem:

      I have multiple SessionBeans Si, each responsible for the administration of one resource Xi. The initalisation of the SessionBean is very expensive (some seconds to some Minutes) but then the answers can be computed very fast. Secondary there are multiple clients making calls for the same resource.

      To make a more understandable example: I have a website for reserving Rooms in Hotels, but in my example it is very expensive to create the SessionBean decing which room a person gets on reservation. When the SessionBean exits, it takes not much compution power to make the reservation.

      Therefor I want that all reservations for one Hotel are answerd by the same (instance) of a SessionBean (or something else) and that the SessionBean is not destroyed when it is not used. My Buiseness Logic knows then it is used no more. Is there any way to realise that? I found no way to do it with statefull SessionBeans, because they are created per Client and a connection between the Clients and the JBoss must exist the whole time.


      Sascha Effert