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    EJB References

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      I'm currently migrating from Weblogic 8.1 to JBoss 4.2.1, and I'm having trouble getting our existing EJB references to work. The error i receive when deploying the jar is:

      Failed to resolve ejb-link: IdSequenceSession make by ejb-name: ejb/IdSequenceSession

      The ejb-jar.xml extract for this reference is as follows:


      and the descriptor (jboss.xml) for the bean that it is referencing is:


      From what i have read, I believe that jboss should create a reference between the ejb-link and the ejb-name as long as i am running the two jar's in the same deployment (I have also tried adding the "ejb-reference-description" tags to jboss.xml with no avail)?

      Any help on this matter would be greatfully appreciated!