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    message format in .properties file

    mars1412 Apprentice

      in the .properties file, I have a text that includes standard java message formatting - e.g.

      mtr.test.param.format=string {1} currency {0,number,#.##} integer {0,number,integer}.

      in the web-page i use the following code to generate the output:
       <h:outputFormat value="#{messages['mtr.test.param.format']}">
       <f:param value="3.145" />
       <f:param value="a disturbance in the Force" />

      but the rendered string is:
      string a disturbance in the Force currency 3.145 integer 3.145.

      why does the #.## not work with h:outputFormat?

      is this my mistake, or does h:outputFormat not support all java message format identifiers?

      thanks in advance