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    save data into jboss tables

    Rodrigo Mundaca Newbie


      I'm a completely newbie in jboss developmet and I have a question about portlets:

      I want to develop an alternative user form for upload contents (texts and images) into jboss portal. So, I want to save this content in custom tables (outside jboss schema) but I also want to save it in the usual way (using control jboss control version).

      Actually I'm able to show a new portlet of content. It show a custom form. The user write some stuff and save it in my tables. But I cannot save into Jboss schema.

      Trying to understand the source code, I found an abstract class called PortalJsp (in org.jboss.portal.core.servlet.jsp.PortalJsp). This class define and abstract method called _jspService. I think this method actually contain the logic I need to save data in jboss schema.

      the problem? I don't find any source code examples to verify my guesses.

      Can somebody help me to find the way to save manually data from my user form into jboss shema?

      thanx in advance