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    JMS class loading

    Richard Lindsay Newbie

      Is there anyway to place library files so that they can be accessed by my jboss deployment but not loaded when jboss starts.

      For example:

      At the moment I have jboss/server/blargh/ with an ear file in jboss/server/blargh/deploy/

      I want to be able to load classes I've placed in jboss/server/blargh/lib/ BUT when I put my .jar class files in there (they are from the j2ee SDK so I can send JMS messages to a J2ee server) they automatically load when I run "run.sh -c blargh" it runs code from the classes I've added to the lib directory and it all goes a bit errortastic (one class is telling me some of my certificates are out of date for example).

      Possibly I'm missing something simple, I'm not exactly sure how these things work so any help or suggestions would be appreciated

      Richard Lindsay