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    How can I be a good J2EE container citizen while creating fi

    Ron Olson Newbie

      Hi everyone-

      I am writing an image processing tool that will take input and a file from a web page, process it using my software (sometimes taking many many minutes), and make available another file to the submitter. The end file (typically a jpeg) is then available to the person to bring into another program, etc.

      I was reading in the J2EE container spec that you're not supposed to use java.io.*; inside an EJB (which my program is, basically). Experimenting with JBoss shows that this is still possible...I can create a file using JBossAS, but I want to be a good "J2EE citizen" and do things the right (and presumably more portable) way.

      So what is the "proper" way to handle file reading/creation in a J2EE container? I suppose I can just keep using java.io.* on JBoss, but I'm afraid that someday this will not be possible and I'll have to come up with something else.