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    Two simple q.

    amnon lahav Newbie

      Hi ,
      new to JBoss and i would appreciate some pointers :
      1. i have a web project that refrences an EJBProject , the later uses a java project inside it's session when i added the java project to the EJB javabuildpath in projects tag it recodnized it in the development but failed to do so in runtime (noclassdefounder) so i added the java project to the server itself and that worked but that might cause problems in bigger projects , how do i add a refrence to java project specific to the EJBProject so they will be on the same "level" ?
      2. i followed the steps in the jboss demo on how to open an EJB project on :
      and i noticed that he is debugging the TigerBean the debug console says RMIC on thred name , mine doesn't it's just a generic thread number everything works but is there something i'm missing ?

      Allmost forgot JBOSS IDE 2.0B,AS 4.2.1GA
      thanks in advance .