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    Can I use aspectj in jboss ?

    meir meir Newbie

      Hello all I like to use aspectJ with my application, now I put the aspectjrt.jar into my server -> all -> lib directory
      And the application is loaded with no exception but when I execute the class 's I don’t get any aspectJ prints ( I used system.out.println with the
      @Around annotation) .
      Wheni test this with simple class outside the jobss it working great
      Do I need to know something else when using aspectJ with jboss ?

      this is the code :

       @Pointcut("call(* com.aop..*(..) )")
       void callBeforeAndAfterMethod(){}
       @Around( "callBeforeAndAfterMethod()" )
       public Object aroundTrace( ProceedingJoinPoint jp ) throws Throwable {
       String methodName = jp.getSignature().getName();
       System.out.println("Method name : " + methodName);
       System.out.println("Before code processed....");
       Object ret = jp.proceed();
       System.out.println("After code processed....");
       return ret;