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    Dependencies between MBeans and datasources

    Tal Yacobi Newbie

      I use multiple datasources defined in a *-ds.xml file.
      I have quite a few mbeans that depend on these datasources.
      Instead of writing a depends-list for each mbean, I would like the dependency to be written once. For this reason, I created an mbean (I call it DataSourceInitializer) that using depends-list, depends on all the datasources.
      Any mbean that requires all the datasources depends on the DataSourceInitializer. (This way if I change the list of datasources, I change it in only one place)
      A) Is there a better way to do this?
      B) Is there a way to define the mbean in the configuration file, but not actually create an mbean class, i.e a way to define an empty mbean configuration with no class, just for creating the dependencies?