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    EJB injection duplication

    roxello Newbie

      Hello -

      I am using jboss 4.0.5 with seam-1.2.1 and myfaces 1.1.4 on winXP.

      I currently have two sfsbeans, no entity beans, stateless beans or
      persistance. ejb-xml.jar is minimal as below.

      sfsb WebTranceiver contains an @EJB3 annotatated ref to sfsb FileMaster.

      When the application initializes two instances of sfsb FileMaster are created.
      The container injects/uses one instance for calls from the (only at present )
      client, and the other for a call from sfsb WebTranceiver. The state of the
      two instances is not identical so Exceptions ensue.

      As EJB3 is supposed to guarantee one sfsb per client, seems like this
      might be a very simple config issue. Can someone point me in the right

       <ejb-name>*</ejb-name> <interceptor-class>org.jboss.seam.ejb.SeamInterceptor</interceptor-class>