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    Strange problem with JSP compilation

    Victor Denisov Newbie

      We're moving an existing project from Orion 2.0 to JBoss 4.0.5. On Orion, we've created lots of JSP code using JSTL and Struts taglibs, looking like this:

      <html:option value="<%=departmentId%>"><%=departmentName%></html:option>

      where departmentId is an int.

      This code was compiling and running in Orion just fine, however, when trying to access this page in JBoss, I get the following error:

      An error occurred at line: 1,745 in the jsp file: /insurance/jsp/selectTenderType.jsp
      Generated servlet error:
      The method setValue(String) in the type OptionTag is not applicable for the arguments (int)

      Any pointers about where I should look?