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    To use Log4j in .SAR

    Anupam Kakade Newbie


      I want my .sar file which is deployed on jboss should not print INFO messages on console . I downloded the necessary documents for how to
      use the log4j.properties file for the application to use its own logging mechanism . But dear guys, that documents are for .war file only . I have searched a lot on net but unable to find the necessary steps for .sar file to use its own logging mechanism . Will any one of u help me in this regard ? I am using jboss4.0.5 on windows xp .

      Thanks a lot in advance

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          Himadri Saha Newbie

          I hope your classes in the sar file has specific package names. If that is the case you can add a category in conf/log4j.xml file as below:

          <category name="your_package_name" additivity="false">
           <priority value="INFO"/>

          This is the easiest you could do .. Do you have any other special requirements?